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Joe Glenn McCord —

Thanks to my family's penchant for books and the performing arts, I quickly developed a love of reading and music. As such, stories are the core of who I am. A day doesn't go by where I don't experience a story in some way, whether that be reading, watching, playing, or writing them.

When I was thirteen, I was cast in a stage play for the local youth theatre. I fell in love with the thought of being an actor. I continued to audition for as many plays as I could, including school plays like "You a Good Man, Charlie Brown" (as Schroeder), "Hurricane Smith and the Garden of the Golden Monkey" (as both a mysterious stranger and a reporter), and many community theatre productions, including "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (as reporter Phineas Trout) and "Harvey" (as Doctor Sanderson).

Then I discovered voice acting, and the world of audio theatre.

My earliest foray into voice work was using a handheld tape recorder and it honestly surprises me how much my voice has changed since then. 'Course, I was thirteen when I recorded those, so...

My first real experience in voice acting was through a now-defunct web forum called "The Voice Actors Alliance." I auditioned for dozens of parts, and even got cast in a few, but only a couple of them actually went beyond the casting call. The most success I've found has been narrations for business videos, training presentations, and short documentaries.

I have created several demo reels by reading a character sample script written by Emily Fajardo of Sound Cadence Studios, and the start of The Book of Atrus from the game company Cyan.  I also have a "Let's Play" YouTube and Twitch channel, but, as I'm not an editor, the episodes are not very refined.

For narrative voice-over work, e-mail me with a description of your project - audio only or video, and the duration. If there's a script, you can send me all or part of it and I can send back a demo of a few sentences for your consideration (My charges are based on word count, with a minimum of $50 for under 500 words).

When it comes to character acting, I don't have a specialty as yet, but I think my voice lends itself well to villains or mentor characters. I do prefer not to have any colorful language or vulgarity.

Thanks for your interest.  Be sure to contact me for your next voice-over project!

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